The Yellow, Red, Blue and Green Bus Routes of Washington DC

My first ever business class trip took me to Washington where the bus stopped just up 29 St and round the corner at stop 39, close to the ice-cream shop and one for secondhand books (visited later of course). We could have turned down the road from the hotel, the Washington Suites Harbour Hotel, to join the bus at stop 38 and to board a boat at the harbour (not yet running). This was in Georgetown established in 1757 as the furthest town upstream of the Potomac where ocean going boats could navigate. The oldest house in the district was The Old Stone House built in 1765 now in M St NW.

Alt text

The yellow route turned through a right angle at the roundabout by the George Washington University Hospital which was where Ronald Reagan was taken to recover after his attempted assassination in April 1981 outside the Washington Hilton. After a long straight run down 23 St, we turned left into Constitution Ave from where we could see the Lincoln monument, the WWII memorial and the Washington memorial in the parkland on the right side of the road.

Phan Than Kim Phuc was born 2.4.1963 and lived in the S. Vietnamese village of Trang Bang. The dreadful incident when she was burnt happened on 8.6.1972. She was not expected to survive the burns on her back and arm. She had 17 operations in the hospital at Saigon in the next 14 months. When she married, the couple took refuge in Canada where they now live in Ajax with their two children. Kim became a Canadian citizen in 1997. Her scars still cause her much pain until recently when she started a series of laser treatments to smooth them out.

Her Biography, ‘The Girl in the Picture’ was written by Denise Chong.

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